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Boiler-Room worker indicated to have killed Thai Police

On April 15 2015 at 2.40 am in the morning a 24 year old Thai Police Lance Corporal, Wiroon Srinarong, a border patrol policeman, was killed on his motorbike when a speedy Mercedes Benz hit him near the Hua Hinh Hospital. The body of the Police was found some 200 m away from the car.

Pol Lt Nonthawat Thongkham, who was on duty at that time, and rescuers of the Sawang Hua Hin Thammasathan Foundation, arrived to the scene.

They found a two-door retractable-roof Mercedes Benz car with Bangkok license plate at the scene. The front was badly damaged and the car’s air bags had been deployed. Its wind shield was broken and its engine oil leaked but it did not catch fire.


Crashed car


Nonthwat interrogated the car driver (a Brit) who stated that he was speeding his car from his residence in Cha-am to Hua Hinh and the policeman made a sudden u-turn at the sport cutting into his way and making it impossible for him to stop his car in time.

Suffice to say, the car had to have considerable speed to cause the killing and damages on the car itself and the motorbike being tossed around.

So far this story just represents another flake of tragedy happening everyday on Thai roads, so why is this case highlighted on this blog?

The interesting part starts from here and onwards. Thai media reported collectively that the driver was a British citizen and tourist, John Alexander, age 44.

John Alexander, a British tourist driving a speedy Mercedes-Benz at 02.40 am in the morning near Hua Hinh Hospital? Really?

According to due diligence received by CDV, the driver was indeed a British citizen but not a tourist and not having Alexander as his surname. The driver was rather a John Edmonds a/k/a” Jeeves” who has been a Boiler-Room employee and Office Manager for at least 10 years working with criminal sales of faked and fabricated securities from offices in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and beyond. Mr. Edmonds a/k/a ”Jeeves” has been a long-time employee of fraud syndicates managed by Paul John Hayward, Mark Stephen Hutcherson (US citizen who passed away in Plano, Texas, in June this year) and Associates.

At around 2003-2005 ”Jeeves” worked as Office Manager (”Team Two”) at Boiler-Rooms operating in office space rented from Tlway Texco, a Malaysian and Singaporean company used as a front cover and having a CEO, Tabaruk Abdullaev, who made partnership with the fraud syndicate. ”Jeeves” shared his management position with the US-citizen, Jack Fletcher Prather.

The influx of foreign boiler-room workers was concealed to the Malaysian Authorities by a sister company, Tlway Holidays, pretending to arrange tourist and holiday travels.

”Jeeves” was recruited as Boiler-Room Manager by Paul John Hayward/Mark Stephen Hutcherson and located at the office in Menara TA One in Kuala Lumpur.


Menara TA One

Boiler-room office located at the fashionable Menara TA One
in Kuala Lumpur.

This is “Jeeves” during the Boiler-Room workers’ fun life in Kuala Lumpur:

Jeeves KL

The fraud syndicate were having administration and sales of faked/fabricated securities from four other offices in Kuala Lumpur at that point in time, one at Menara Pan Global building, two at Phileo Promenade, and one at 31st floor, Wisma Goldhill.

Some 110-140 workers were employed at the four Boiler-Rooms in Kuala Lumpur. There was an additional Boiler-Room office located at Pilau Penang, Malaysia.

The Boiler-Room Office layout at Menara TA One is illustrated below:

Menara TA One office layout


The Account Openers (AOs) had a sales target of 60,000-70,000 USD to be reached every day. Lists with Client names to be cold-called by the AOs, some 500+, arrived on a daily basis from Bangkok.

The Tlway Admin provided support to the Boiler-Room teams by calling Hong Kong every morning to get the latest weather forecast as the AOs pretended to call from Hong Kong.

The working environment in the Boiler-Room office is illustrated below:

BR worker 1

Boiler-Room worker, ”Jack” possibly from Romania, employed at the Menara TA One Office. Note the dollar signs and the sheets separated from the handbook, Dialing for Dollars, on the wall behind and used by the Account Openers when cold-calling.


BR worker 2

”Andre”, Romanian citizen, who has worked for Paul John Hayward at many Boiler-Rooms In the Philippines apart from his job in Kuala Lumpur (2003/2004). In late 2009 he was working in a Boiler-Room located in Makati, Manila, and indicated to have been managed by Paul John Hayward.


Johnny KL

“Johnny”, Johnny Templeton, UK citizen. Deceased. Reported to have made huge incomes from Boiler-Room sales of faked/inflated securities. Re-located to the Wisma Goldhill Office by the management.

Funds paid by victimized Investors were transacted into a receiving bank account. It would immediately be moved to a 2nd bank and then to Bangkok and/or Kuala Lumpur but often large amounts of cash were delivered to the TLWAY SDH. BHD, Head Office at Menara TA Towers by the money launderer, Habib. He is a local Malaysian who owns a local money exchange. An Indian-Malaysian, Perumal, was regarded as the Tlway accountant and thought to be involved with Habib in the laundering of the money.

What happened with ”Jeeves” after the Boiler-Room feast in Kuala Lumpur? He is indicated to have returned to Bangkok and worked with Boiler-Rooms since many years. He has a Thai girlfriend/wife and at least one child.

”Jeeves” is nick-named ”Posh Cunt” by Boiler-Room workers as he likes to pretend to sound like a well-behaved Englishman on the phone. He is known to present himself as the VP of Institutional Trading and has made a profitable partnership with the UK citizen, ”Twitchy”, who often would follow up on ”Jeeves” call.

”Twitchy” has been employed by Paul John Hayward for many years and has been one of the most successful senior fake salesman earning millions of USD and investing in property in Thailand. ”Twitchy” is now stated to have abandoned the Boiler-Room scene, possibly due to initiatives like  CDVs blog and naming-and-shaming on other Internet sites.

The Thaivisa thread about the incident with the Thai Police being killed in April this year includes one comment which is probably more on spot than most others:

The only John I know in Chaam who drives a Merc is a nefarious character always bragging about how he rips people off in Bangkok (boiler rooms)”.

This story is not the only one where ex pat Boiler-Room employees are reported/indicated to have killed or injured people on the roads in Thailand. The socioeconomic impacts of the Boiler-Room industry in Thailand are, suffice to say, far wider than the monetary values and griefs caused by the rip off from investors abroad.

//The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV)