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Updates on Paul John Hayward

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) provide some updated information concerning the Brit and Boiler-Room principal, Paul John Hayward. His Date of Birth and Place of Birth have been confirmed and are now included in the document retrievable from this site. You can find the document and read about him here -see previous articles and links.

The updated document also includes some information about Hayward’s known financing in secrecy but in partnership with the Irishman Michael Doherty, of the Crawley Town FC in the UK. The financing represents an estimated five million since 2011, poured into the football club without any known demands than to keep the financiers having a low profile.

This episode, well covered by andrew-drummond.com, should become of interest to British Media as well as legal agencies as the matter of possible boiler-room generated cash flows now enters into UK jurisdiction. The City of London Police were in fact searching for Mr. Hayward during the previous Netspan Inc. – The Roth Group boiler-room investigation, but did not succeed at that point in time to identify him as they were looking for the wrong “Paul Hilton”, an alias commonly used by Mr. Hayward.

CDV have received statements from several informants who, independently from one another, confirm that the Paul Joihn Hayward spotted around the Crawley Town FC stadium is identical with the physical person who e.g. arrived on a regular basis at the boiler-room administration in Kuala Lumpur (2005/2006), when the fraud syndicate rented office space from the Tlway Texco company. Former boiler-room employees also confirm that the photos represent the same physical person who have managed investment fraud operations at large-scale from early 2000 until present time.

It has also become known to CDV that Mr. Hayward has recently requested legal services from a law firm in Ipswich, Gotelee Solicitors. Gotelee have sent letters to Andrew Drummond as well as the Crawley Town FC.

In light of this CDV would welcome Gotelee Solictors to: (1) conduct an in-depth Customer Due Diligence check on Mr. Hayward, in accordance with current anti-money laundering and terrorists financing regulations and as regulated by Chapter 4, Law Society (UK), and (2) they should also confirm they are satisfied that the funds they have received from Mr. Hayward, in respect of their services originate from a legal source and are not the proceeds of crime.

The fraud syndicate will be further exposed in coming articles.

//The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV)