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Updates on Paul John Hayward

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) provide some updated information concerning the Brit and Boiler-Room principal, Paul John Hayward. His Date of Birth and Place of Birth have been confirmed and are now included in the document retrievable from this site. You can find the document and read about him here -see previous articles and links.

The updated document also includes some information about Hayward’s known financing in secrecy but in partnership with the Irishman Michael Doherty, of the Crawley Town FC in the UK. The financing represents an estimated five million since 2011, poured into the football club without any known demands than to keep the financiers having a low profile.

This episode, well covered by andrew-drummond.com, should become of interest to British Media as well as legal agencies as the matter of possible boiler-room generated cash flows now enters into UK jurisdiction. The City of London Police were in fact searching for Mr. Hayward during the previous Netspan Inc. – The Roth Group boiler-room investigation, but did not succeed at that point in time to identify him as they were looking for the wrong “Paul Hilton”, an alias commonly used by Mr. Hayward.

CDV have received statements from several informants who, independently from one another, confirm that the Paul Joihn Hayward spotted around the Crawley Town FC stadium is identical with the physical person who e.g. arrived on a regular basis at the boiler-room administration in Kuala Lumpur (2005/2006), when the fraud syndicate rented office space from the Tlway Texco company. Former boiler-room employees also confirm that the photos represent the same physical person who have managed investment fraud operations at large-scale from early 2000 until present time.

It has also become known to CDV that Mr. Hayward has recently requested legal services from a law firm in Ipswich, Gotelee Solicitors. Gotelee have sent letters to Andrew Drummond as well as the Crawley Town FC.

In light of this CDV would welcome Gotelee Solictors to: (1) conduct an in-depth Customer Due Diligence check on Mr. Hayward, in accordance with current anti-money laundering and terrorists financing regulations and as regulated by Chapter 4, Law Society (UK), and (2) they should also confirm they are satisfied that the funds they have received from Mr. Hayward, in respect of their services originate from a legal source and are not the proceeds of crime.

The fraud syndicate will be further exposed in coming articles.

//The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV)


Appeal to banks who have failed to respond to the CDV deadline of 20th February 2015

The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) recently sent letters to 25 banks, identified as providing dubious business banking accounts to facilitate the high value monetory proceeds originating from a series of systematic, complex illegal Investments Frauds.

The CDV has extensive documentary evidence directly linking the in-flow/out-flow of substantial amounts of money from the identified fraud syndicate i.e. the boiler-room principals residing in Thailand to the named banks’ dubious business accounts. In addition, the account holders of those dubious accounts and the banks involved, have been verified by an independant investigative company, the details of which can be found here: https://fraudrecoveryblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/banks-and-receiving-accounts.xls

The CDV would like to reach out those banks who have responded to the letter within the 21 day deadline and thank them for their comments, which we are giving due consideration. We have also noticed that most banks have visited the blog site, some for extensive periods of time and we are currently waiting for them to respond to the letters. We advise the deadline is 20th February 2015.

Upon receipt of all the banks’ respective responses the CDV will consider its position and will reply on a collective basis, including providing the details of a person with whom you can communicate directly.

For those instituions who deliberately fail to repond to the deadline, will leave the CDV with no other option but to escalate this extremely serious matter to a higher authority, which may be detrimental to the respective banks national and international reputation. If necessary, we may release further due diligence evidence, clearly demonstrating that those banks have continually failed to conduct any realtistic client on-boarding (KYC) analysis and/or to comply with or impliment relevant anti-money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance with existing FATF regulations and guidelines.

We refer to the law firm ’Deacons’ (Hong Kong), who conclude, based on our fraud case as recently presented by the business journalist, Benjamin Robertson, South China Morning Post, that the banks must check the type of business the customer operates before opening accounts and continue to monitor the client’s business. Boiler-room accounts are generally found to have a high frequency of small cash deposits originating from many countries. Money is then removed from those accounts in cash withdrawals or transferred/skipped to another bank’s business account. Deacons have stated that this type of transaction patterns may indicate a money laundering technique called “smurfing”.

We have access to recent due diligence showing that banks have knowingly or otherwise, provided extensive banking services to boiler-room principals in Thailand, including criminals with indicative linkages to drug rings and terrorist actions, recently unveiled by several national legal agencies working in partnership.

Those banks that have not responded so far are urged to send their comments to the CDV official email address: fraudrecoveryblog at yahoo dot com, preferably including reference to a single point of contact for a dialogue, not later than February 20, 2015.

//The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV)

The Story of Glen Bullard being detained at Manila Int. Airport in May, 2006

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) digs into the details of the story when the US-citizen and Boiler-Room Principal, Glendon Richard Bullard (Glen Bullard), was temporarily detained at the Manila International Airport when he was trying to depart with $520,000 wrapped in old newspaper and carried in a black hand-luggage on his travel to Bangkok with TG-621 in May, 2006.

The story includes details about the parallel actions by bankers/couriers employed by Mr. Bullard (and the UK citizen, Paul John Hayward) – both Boiler-Room Principals residing and hiding in Thailand. The bankers are verified to have travelled to Manila and emptied receiving accounts set up and administrated by banks in the Philippines at the same point in time when Glen Bullard was detained.

CDV welcomes comments from readers who have information about the boiler-room people, receiving accounts, and company formation & banking procedures identified on this blog. Readers can also provide their comments/information to:                                  fraudrecoveryblog at yahoo.com.

Manila International Airport May 2006 (pdf-file)