Time for a change? – Crawley Town FC and the benefactor, Paul John Hayward

The CEO of the British football club, Crawley Town FC (”CTFC”), Mr. Mike Dunford, has recently been interviewed, talking about a possible coming takeover of Crawley Town FC. In this interview Mr. Dunford states that the club ”…has been very, very lucky, amazingly lucky, to have a benefactor like Paul Hayward, to decide to put […]

Updates on Paul John Hayward

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) provide some updated information concerning the Brit and Boiler-Room principal, Paul John Hayward. His Date of Birth and Place of Birth have been confirmed and are now included in the document retrievable from this site. You can find the document and read about him here -see previous […]

Paul John Hayward

Based on a combination of recent information received from Thailand and from UK public records it is indicated that the famous boiler room principal, “Paul Hilton”, the mastermind behind Jackson Cole-Smith Fairchild and beyond, is actually named Paul John Hayward (Paul Hayward). This name fits well with Thai company formation data as well as with […]

Pay-outs and bribes by the boiler room industry in Thailand

This time we provide information, based on our investigation and information received from external sources, about the scale and roles played by pay-outs and bribes by the boiler room principals (e.g. Glen Bullard and Paul Hayward) in Thailand to public officials (Police, Immigration Bureau, Army Generals, and beyond) to receive protection and to bail out […]

Boiler-room principals in Thailand and linkages to the leaked Panama Papers

Boiler-room principals in Thailand and linkages to the leaked Panama Papers This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) explores possible linkages between boiler-room managers and executives in Thailand, unveiled at this site, fraudrecoveryblog.wordpress.com, and results from the database recently provided by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), being part of the leaked Panama […]

Shadow Directorship and Boiler-Room Management

Shadow Directorship According to the UK Companies Act 2006, a shadow director is a person or corporate body which, although not officially appointed to the Board of Directors, controls or influences the management of the Company. In the UK a shadow director is subject to the same duties and obligations as duly appointed directors of […]

Boiler-Room worker indicated to have killed Thai Police

On April 15 2015 at 2.40 am in the morning a 24 year old Thai Police Lance Corporal, Wiroon Srinarong, a border patrol policeman, was killed on his motorbike when a speedy Mercedes Benz hit him near the Hua Hinh Hospital. The body of the Police was found some 200 m away from the car. […]

CDVs black list of banks to avoid

The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) have decided to present a black list of banks to avoid, based on experiences of failure by selected banks to comply with national and international Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and regulations and/or FATF anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policy and guidelines and/or failure to meet with CDVs inquiries […]

The Story of Glen Bullard being detained at Manila Int. Airport in May, 2006

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) digs into the details of the story when the US-citizen and Boiler-Room Principal, Glendon Richard Bullard (Glen Bullard), was temporarily detained at the Manila International Airport when he was trying to depart with $520,000 wrapped in old newspaper and carried in a black hand-luggage on his travel […]

Introduction to Readers

Welcome to the blog dedicated to the Big Boiler Room Boys of Thailand! This site is administrated and co-managed by a group of defrauded investors in many different countries. The group has approached the identified fraudsters with an offer to settle the issue, a verified loss of USD 20 million. The Defendants have though met […]