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CDV awaiting the banks’ responses but consider further actions

The Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) announces that banks verified to have provided banking services to the fraud syndicate without conducting appropriate KYC background checks and thus allowing dubious/fraudulent business accounts to be opened and who also failed to carry out any meaningful follow-up account monitoring in the large-scale investment fraud scam reported on this blog site, have now been reminded to provide their responses to CDV.

If the banks involved fail to respond within the stipulated time-frame CDV will be left with no other option but to seriously consider seeking a ‘Discovery Order’ or escalating the Banks’ connivance in this matter to the respective Financial Regulator, Banking Ombudsman and Governments, etc., and/or making further detailed exposures through our blog available by e.g. publicly expose the participating banks’ on a ”CDV black list of banks to avoid”.

The CDV blog is now read by more than 30,000 people including major banking institutions, news magazines, the EU Commission, and legal agencies world-wide.

Informants or blog readers who may have further due diligence about the cases and boiler-room managers/employees referred to here are welcome to provide their comments at this blog site or by sending emails to fraudrecoveryblog at Information and due diligence are treated with confidentiality and discretion.

//Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV)