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The Story of Glen Bullard being detained at Manila Int. Airport in May, 2006

This time the Consortium of Defrauded Victims (CDV) digs into the details of the story when the US-citizen and Boiler-Room Principal, Glendon Richard Bullard (Glen Bullard), was temporarily detained at the Manila International Airport when he was trying to depart with $520,000 wrapped in old newspaper and carried in a black hand-luggage on his travel to Bangkok with TG-621 in May, 2006.

The story includes details about the parallel actions by bankers/couriers employed by Mr. Bullard (and the UK citizen, Paul John Hayward) – both Boiler-Room Principals residing and hiding in Thailand. The bankers are verified to have travelled to Manila and emptied receiving accounts set up and administrated by banks in the Philippines at the same point in time when Glen Bullard was detained.

CDV welcomes comments from readers who have information about the boiler-room people, receiving accounts, and company formation & banking procedures identified on this blog. Readers can also provide their comments/information to:                                  fraudrecoveryblog at

Manila International Airport May 2006 (pdf-file)