The Coming and Going of Glen Bullard

In this article we present a social network analysis of Glen Bullard and his recent coming and going appearance. Glen Bullard is verified to be a key boiler room principal behind the frauds victimizing The Consortium of Defrauded Victims:

The coming and going of Glen Bullard 2014 11 15


One thought on “The Coming and Going of Glen Bullard

  1. Martin

    Hi I have been a victim of this fraud and believe that i have been scammed via the Philipines by a group calling themselves the IAM Group selling shares in Retail Pond and Multi Media Auction Group. I have taped the voice of a guy that calls himself James Cohen (American) and put it on U Tube under the name of “Forex Scammer” sent by Flob Alob. I have recently been contacted by another guy calling himself William Taylor (English) of which i also taped but he became elusive when i asked a few questions and has not ot back to me. I will put the tape of William Taylor on U tune as soon as i edit my voice out. I have also been in contact with other victims of which i will pass the details of this site on. I must say that i am amazed at the information you have gained and want these guy punished and brought to justice.


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