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Boiler room principals in Thailand continue to stay silent

On Aug. 18 the Defendants and selected business partners associated with the boiler room principals were informed that if a settlement with the defrauded victims has not been initiated before Aug. 28, the Consortium of Defrauded Victims will bring the name and shame campaign to the next level. So far the boiler room principals have maintained to be silent and have not responded to made allegations on this blog.

If the deadline is passed we will then start to name people and companies linked to the great boiler room washing machinery set up based on entities incorporated in Thailand. Detailed due diligence will then also be forward to relevant Thai and international legal agencies.

Stay tuned for further information about this on-going drama.


Pay-outs and bribes by the boiler room industry in Thailand

This time we provide information, based on our investigation and information received from external sources, about the scale and roles played by pay-outs and bribes by the boiler room principals (e.g. Glen Bullard and Paul Hayward) in Thailand to public officials (Police, Immigration Bureau, Army Generals, and beyond) to receive protection and to bail out boiler-room employees in custody or arrest due to drug or sex abuse.

The pdf-document can be read or downloaded here:

Bribes and corruption