Introduction to Readers

Welcome to the blog dedicated to the Big Boiler Room Boys of Thailand!

This site is administrated and co-managed by a group of defrauded investors in many different countries. The group has approached the identified fraudsters with an offer to settle the issue, a verified loss of USD 20 million. The Defendants have though met the group’s settlement proposals with silence. They have had several opportunities to respond to made accusations but have again failed to provide any feedback.

The deadline (June 17, 2014) to keep the matter off the internet radar has passed and we have decided to be consistent with our planned and announced actions, i.e. to initiate a web-based ”name-and-shame” campaign.

We know that the identified group of investment fraudsters residing in Thailand, have victimized thousands of private investors in Australia, New, Zealand, Central Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Singapore and beyond, since early 2000 up until present time. The scale of the wash of criminal boiler room money into the hospitality and property sector in Thailand that we’ve encountered during our investigation is just phenomenal. The single most important factor to make this possible is due to the level of corruption in the Thai Society.

We have names and identities of Thai Police Officers and Thai Army Generals receiving massive amount of bribes from the fraud syndicate. This will possibly be a topic to be covered by a forthcoming document on this blog site.

Ben Younger’s film from year 2000, ”Boiler Room”, is just a bleak piece of entertainment compared to our crime story building on due diligence collected across jurisdictions for more than five years. Our story embeds real victims from many different nations as well as the identified boiler room principals now residing in Thailand, splashing their wealth on luxury cars, property, bars and restaurants including brothels, Rolex watches, drugs and beyond.

The Defendants are:
– Glendon Richard Bullard (US-citizen)
– Jack Fletcher Prather (US-citizen)
– Mark Stephen Hutecherson (US-citizen)
– Paul John Hayward (UK-citizen)
– Paul Richard Bell (US-citizen)

We start with a presentation of Mr. Glendon Richard Bullard and his Associates. The others will be covered in coming documents presented on this blog.

This site will only be closed by group decision if the Defendants decide to trigger a settlement and repay the money they have stolen.


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